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Healthcare costs continue to burden businesses and families across the state. We're working to further understand the healthcare challenges businesses face, so we can develop and propose solutions that make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and effective for businesses and their employees. 


Healthcare Task Force 

  • Boyd Jones - NBSC, Regional Chief Banking Officer, Task Force Chair
  • David Cole - MUSC, President
  • Christian Soura - Hospital Association, V.P., Policy & Finance
  • Brad Johnson - Milliken, Director Benefits & Retirement
  • Kelly Dawsey - BMW, Human Resources Manager
  • James D’Alessio - BlueCross BlueShield, V.P. of Government Affairs
  • Maya Pack - SC Institute of Medicine & Public Health, Co-Director
  • Lou Kennedy - Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation, CEO


The Healthcare Task Force just completed its report: Strategies to Mitigate the Rising Cost of Healthcare, which details actions businesses can take to lower healthcare costs.

Read the report